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homemade crystallized violets recipe

A Violets Festival in Your Own Garden

What is a violets festival? On the French Riviera, Spring is announced in March when violets start blossoming all over the gardens. At the renowned Violets Festival in Tourettes-sur-Loup you can eat them in different ways: ice cream, jam, jelly, candy. Save Tourettes-sur-Loup is just across the valley from our garden and the seeds must have spread naturally. You can… Read more →

10 Tips for Surviving Christmas Cooking

Two days left until Christmas, the clock is ticking down! Besides the presents, Christmas cards and the closing of business over the festive week, I need to plan for food. It is very difficult to gauge, during previous Christmas’s we cooked far too much and struggled to finish it all. I now prefer to spend 2 days before Christmas preparing… Read more →

Fried zucchini flowers recipe with saffron batter

Fried Zucchini Flowers with Saffron Batter

A typical Mediterranean dish: Fried Zucchini Flowers in English, and in France they are called Beignets de Fleurs de Courgette. There are many versions where the flowers are coated with different types of batter. I have tasted batters made with eggs, herbs, even breadcrumbs. Personally, I prefer to keep it simple as the flowers have a delicate flavour which would… Read more →

Mediterranean picnic with horses

Ferragosto: a Mediterranean picnic “English style”

Packing only local products, here are some ideas to enjoy a Ferragosto Mediterranean picnic “English style”, with horses, dog and picnic basket. Waitrose is celebrating: Taste of the Med (sponsored post)   Ferragosto is a traditional Mediterranean holiday in Italy, France and Spain, celebrating the Assumption of Mary. Typically most people are on vacation, and many prepare a picnic spending… Read more →

4 Italian Rice Recipes for Entertaining (w/vegetarian and gluten free options)

I love to serve Risotto, as it is such a complete and refined delicacy. However it requires complete attention and dedication for the entire cooking time. It is not always the ideal dish to prepare when entertaining, as I don’t want to abandon my guests while they are at the dinner table. So I had to find creative ways to… Read more →

How to Make the Perfect Risotto

I love risotto, and like pasta, you can mix it with so many different ingredients that your creativity can flow freely and adapt to each season and country. It is important to follow the basic guidelines on how to make a perfect Italian Risotto. However, once you master them you are set. You can experiment with many different flavours, making… Read more →