Summer Peppers

Peppers_1_1Summer is here, and so are the Summer Red Peppers!
Big, scarlet red shaded with green and purple, absolutely beautiful, this is what I call Mediterranean peppers.

Come June, you will find them in abundance in any farmer markets and Supermarkets at a reasonable price.

What a difference between those summer peppers and the one you normally find in the Supermarket all year round. The label of peppers wrapped in plastic says they come from Spain.

However pepper is a seasonal vegetable and if they are on the supermarket shelves at Christmas, they are most likely not matured under the Mediterranean Sun!

Pepper from Glasshouse_1_1So either they are cultivated under glasshouses losing their flavour, or transported from faraway countries, harvested unripe and the prices is inflated by transportation costs.

They will be fine if you need peppers for a salad or for specific recipes, but when it is summer you must not miss the Big Mediterranean Red Peppers.

The best way to use them is to roast them at high temperature or under the grill. You should aim at burning the skin off, and leaving the flesh almost uncooked, that is why the heat should be intense. Make sure the skin is burned everywhere as it is hard to peel it off if it is not burned.

Roasted peppers 3_1_1The pepper will remain firm, sweet and luscious, and the skin which is difficult to digest will come off very easily.

Here is the recipe for Roasted Peppers marinated with garlic, basil and olive oil, fantastic with Barbeque Beef.

You can make it 1 day in advance, and it is perfect for a summer buffet table.

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