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homemade crystallized violets recipe

A Violets Festival in Your Own Garden

What is a violets festival? On the French Riviera, Spring is announced in March when violets start blossoming all over the gardens. At the renowned Violets Festival in Tourettes-sur-Loup you can eat them in different ways: ice cream, jam, jelly, candy. Save Tourettes-sur-Loup is just across the valley from our garden and the seeds must have spread naturally. You can… Read more →

Fried zucchini flowers recipe with saffron batter

Fried Zucchini Flowers with Saffron Batter

A typical Mediterranean dish: Fried Zucchini Flowers in English, and in France they are called Beignets de Fleurs de Courgette. There are many versions where the flowers are coated with different types of batter. I have tasted batters made with eggs, herbs, even breadcrumbs. Personally, I prefer to keep it simple as the flowers have a delicate flavour which would… Read more →