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american chocolate brownies

Classic American Brownies

These brownies are devilishly delicious, and unhealthy. They are so chocolaty, gooey and there is so much butter in them. So don’t indulge, if you can resist them! Time to prepare 40 minutes: difficulty low Storage Recommendations Not suitable for the freezer Keep for 3 days For instructions about the recipes template, see post: Food Madness: Digital & Apps  For… Read more →

American Homemade Pancakes

Pancakes are the perfect breakfast when children’s friends are staying for sleepover. For the young ones I use Animal or Transport shapes moulds which a friend brought me from USA. Pancakes immediately become the best breakfast they ever had. For teenagers moulds wouldn’t work, speed and quantity is what makes them happy. Time to prepare 30 minutes: difficulty low Storage… Read more →

Toasted Butter Wild Berry Muffins

They are moist inside with a crunchy crust, and have a nice toasted butter taste sharpened by the fruits’ acidity. Toasted Butter (in french called beurre noisette) To toast the butter you need to clarify it first, which mean spooning away all the white components of the melted butter. They are organic components and burn at high temperatures, so once… Read more →

10 Tips for Surviving Christmas Cooking

Two days left until Christmas, the clock is ticking down! Besides the presents, Christmas cards and the closing of business over the festive week, I need to plan for food. It is very difficult to gauge, during previous Christmas’s we cooked far too much and struggled to finish it all. I now prefer to spend 2 days before Christmas preparing… Read more →

Ile flottante Recipe Floating Island Dessert with crispy caramel

Ile Flottante Recipe

Ile flottante means floating island and consists in a foaming meringue floating in a crème anglaise (custard) sprinkled with caramel and pralines. It can be a challenging recipe. If you want to make it at home, here are step by step instructions, easy to follow and with a guaranteed success. Calories per serving 403; Time to prepare 1.5 hour; Medium… Read more →

Traditional French Cassoulet recipe

Traditional Cassoulet Recipe

The Cassoulet is a complete meal rich in proteins, carbs, fibres and vegetables and for the price you pay for the meat, a very successful homemade feast which will serve/feed a crowd, so here is the Cassoulet recipe Cooking a Traditional Cassoulet is a long process, and with so many versions it has not been easy. I tried to simplify… Read more →

Picnic Ideas: Beef Pie, Sausage Rolls and Carrot Cake

Spring has arrived! Even if the winter has been very mild here on the French Riviera, the warmth and colours of the month of April are always welcome. It is school break and to make the most of the long sunny days, many head to the beaches. ….but April weather cannot be trusted! Unfortunately many restaurants that populate the beaches… Read more →

The Best Meringue

Yum To make a thick crunchy meringue that doesn’t stick to your teeth I have a secret: “wine vinegar and corn flour” I know, I was also sceptical at first but I tried it once and never made a meringue again without adding these two ingredients. Brittle and crunchy it melts in your mouth. Calories per small meringue 34; Time… Read more →

Homemade Indian Bread

Yum If I don’t have wraps at home I make grilled homemade Indian bread, a perfect substitute and actually a better option. It has no fat, it is nice and warm and it is quickly done! Calories per serving 137; Time to prepare 15 minutes (1 hr resting); Easy Storage Recommendations Not suitable for the freezer. Serve immediately For instructions… Read more →