4 Italian Rice Recipes for Entertaining (w/vegetarian and gluten free options)

Here are 4 different ways to cook Italian rice, more practical than risotto if you have guests. They can be prepared ahead of time or do not require your full attention just before serving.

4 italian rice resipes

I love to serve Risotto, as it is such a complete and refined delicacy.

However, it requires complete attention and dedication for the entire cooking time.

It is not always the ideal dish to prepare when entertaining, as I don’t want to abandon my guests while they are at the dinner table.

So I had to find creative ways to serve it at dinner parties.

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Risotto rice is a fantastic option if my guests have different food intolerances, or dietary needs.

The white rice used for Risotto is gluten free and I can always find a combination of ingredients (vegetables, meat or fish) that can accomodate any other food allergies my guests might have.

For the rice I always use ‘Riso Gallo’, they are one of the oldest Italian rice producers and the largest producer in Europe.(affiliate link)

Riso gallo 5_1_1

Vegetarian Rice Timbale make the risotto

There are no easy Risotto recipes

To serve Risotto at a dinner party, I found 2 options:

1. Pre-cook the risotto half way, as they do in some restaurants, and finish the cooking process just before serving.

Though it will still require my time in the kitchen.

The rice will have to be stored in the fridge to avoid bacteria and it will take time to heat it up again.

2. Use the pressure cooker, at your peril!

Purists do not consider rice cooked in the pressure pan as “Risotto”, it is just plain boiled rice.

Even if it is stir fried with an onion, the stock has to be added all at once and the rice is not stirred, therefore you would not obtain the same creaminess of the real thing

....and frankly I agree with them!

So I would recommend the following Italian rice recipes, which can be adapted for any intolerance or dietary requirements guests may have:

a. Riso Pilaf as a side dish
b. Rice Balls as an appetizer
c. Arancini with vegetarian and gluten free options
d. Rice Timbale naturally gluten free can accommodate vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

4 Italian rice recipes vegetarian and gluten

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