Braun Blender

Braun MultiQuick 3 Hand blender MQ 325 Omelette
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It is small, compact, quick & easy to use compared to the bigger blenders. The components can be washed in the dishwasher and you can prepare several ingredients at the same time (there are several cups included). I use it for:
  1. Sauces & Pesto
  2. Crêpes & Pancakes
  3. To mince herbs and spices
  4. To whisk egg whites and/or egg yolks: for many recipes you are required to mix the white and the yolk of the eggs separately. While I use the Kitchenaid blender for one, I use the Brown whisk for the other, so I don’t have to use the same machine taking turns and washing several bowls
Watch out: do not use the blades to make breadcrumbs, or to whisk butter which is not at room temperature. The motor is not strong enough, and the top of the blade or the whisk handle will break. It happens frequently, that is why you will find those pieces sold separately on Amazon.

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