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Where to buy it

Best Supermarkets in the French and the Italian Riviera

The Best Supermarkets on the Italian and French Riviera

Looking for quality/value? Here are some of the best supermarkets on the French and Italian Rivera, including my 2 favourite online stores for Asian and British delicacies and ingredients! The South of France is full of charming farmers’ markets selling fresh local products beautifully arranged in their stalls. Now look closely at the prices: you might have been caught in… Read more →

10 tips for Surviving Christmas cooking

10 Tips for Surviving Christmas Cooking

Organizing your Christmas cooking is not only about the Christmas meal but also feeding the family the days before and cater for unexpected guests while you are already busy with everything else. Two days left until Christmas, the clock is ticking down! Besides the presents, Christmas cards and the closing of business over the festive week, I need to plan… Read more →

Preparing the Lunch

Lessons Learned Preparing “Lunch with LT”

Preparing the lunch was certainly not an easy task. With time pressure on my back, and burning challenges to overcome!   So here is a summary of the lessons learned: When you go food shopping and you mention you have Michelin Star Chefs coming for lunch, you will get the best customer service and the best products! Now I know… Read more →

My Uncle and Guardian Chef: Nicola Zerbi

Zio Nicola is my mother’s younger brother. A charming and outgoing young fellow, I always remember him cooking and entertaining. A family affair! With most of our relatives surviving beyond 90s, we say it comes down either to genetics, or the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle. He was so passionate about cooking that in 1994 he opened a private club/restaurant called Fuori… Read more →

Fish baked in salt

Entertaining with Fish Baked in Salt Crust

Fish baked in salt crust Summer is at an end and the temperature is slowly cooling down. It is seafood time! In the 18th century, due to the numerous cases of food poisoning during the summer months, Louis XV banned the sales of Oysters and Mussels during “les mois sans R”; “The months without R”, May, June, July and August.… Read more →

Renaud and Agnes Pappone

Organic Farming: Lavancia

Overcoming organic farming challenges – combining tradition with innovation This was one of the busiest weekends of the summer here in the Cote d’Azur, so we escaped the chaotic coast returning back to nature at the Organic Farm “Lavancia” in Puget Théniers. In 2009, Agnes and Renaud left their urban life to take on the challenge of organic farming. After… Read more →

Farm to table lavancia Farm

Lavancia Organic Farm To Table

What is “Farm to table” concept? “Farm to table” is when we, consumers, can buy directly from the Organic Farmers Here in France there are two ways to do that: 1. Organic Farmers Market. 2. AMAP: Organic food delivered directly to the consumer each week. Save Save Save Save Save 1. Organic Farmers Market Together with other local Organic Farmers,… Read more →