A day out in the Italian Riviera: Food in Bordighera

Bordighera 3_3_2_1The Old Town of Bordighera

Last Saturday we went for a day trip to Bordighera, but instead of heading to the seafront we went to discover the old town.

We had eaten at a restaurant on the seafront some time ago, and decided it was time to explore restaurants in the old town!

We parked at the principle car park at the top of the hill, right next to the entrance to the old town.

We could admire the sea through the Bastioni arches of the “Cittadine”, and discovered that the old town was ‘hiding’ some interesting restaurants.

It was a very pleasant surprise!

Bordighera 1_1_2_1

Bordighera 2_2_2_1

We didn’t have far to go, our attention was capture by this small little restaurant next to the entrance. The terrace was already packed at 12:00 o’clock (always a good sign). We thought we were going for a simple pizza but ended up instead having a delicious seafood meal.

It was a family run restaurant, service, quality and price was incomparable to our previous experience on Brodighera’ s seafront.

My son Francesco had his favourite dish spaghetti alle vongole, which was finished in a flash. He claimed it was one of the best he ever had! Liam and I had homemade gnocchi with pesto, just like my homemade one.

And Robert had a bountiful dish of risotto ai frutti di mare, however there were plenty of other fresh seafood dishes available, such as : fried seafood, fresh seafood salads, grilled swordfish. ...

Being a passionate cook, I am very picky with restaurants. I value not only the quality of the food but also the service, and the price.

If I recommend it on my Blog, it is because it really stands out, and I will certainly eat there again when I visit Bordighera.

It is Closed on Tuesday. I would recommend that you book it in advance.

Via Bastioni 115
Tel: +39 0184 263594

Bordighera 6_1_1

After lunch we leisurely drove back along the seafront, stopping for a short walk.

But before heading back home we had a mission:

Food shopping in Mercato’ !


Mercatò Camporosso

Via Oberto D'oria, 4,
Camporosso, IM

Tel.: + 39 184 .252112

(Check opening time on Sunday)

I discovered the Mercato’ one Friday morning while I was heading to Ventimiglia Covered Market to write an article for the blog.

It was impossible to find parking so I ended up driving along the SS1 and drove so far that I was about to enter Bordighera.

While I was becoming concerned about the length of my walk back to the market, I saw a mirage signpost right after crossing the Torrente Nervia: Mercato’ turn left.

I did not think twice, and decide to follow the direction, it must have been fate.

Mozzarella 8_1_1

It was a pleasant discovery, a new fully loaded supermarket with some of the best Italian delicacies.

Situated in Camporosso between Ventimiglia and Brodighera, it was right on our way and we decided to repay a visit last weekend.

Of course we filled up with our usual Parmesan, Pasta Garofalo, Riso Gallo, fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta, Certosino and Scamorza and a full load of Italian prosecco.  

What a treat when I saw on the vegetable stand, the local spiky artichokes, which are early in season,


Artichokes 5_1_1

Radicchio Tardivo 1_1_1

and the radicchio tardivo.

We went home happy with our Italian “abbuffata”at the restaurant, and our supply of Italian delicacies that unfortunately lasted just the week.

We have other plans for this weekend, but if you plan to go to Italy and you want to try the radicchio and the artichokes, here is how I cooked them.

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