Lessons Learned Preparing “Lunch with LT”

Preparing the Lunch_1_1Preparing the lunch was certainly not an easy task.

With time pressure on my back, and burning challenges to overcome!


So here is a summary of the lessons learned:

When you go food shopping and you mention you have Michelin Star Chefs coming for lunch, you will get the best customer service and the best products!

Now I know the right people in the right places:

I would like to thank:

Marche U, Les Legume de St Paul, Carrefour, Casino, Verrini & Figli, Mercato’, Le Marchand Bio !

Cherimoya & Chayote


If you try to buy less than 1 kilo of curcuci...

....you should be ashamed of yourself!

(so the shop attendant said!!)

Test your ideas and recipes way ahead of time.


If something can go wrong, it will!

Almond Meringue  Butter cream 17_9_1

Lime Sorbet_2_1

Get started the day before so you don’t have to start at 3am.

Absolutely make the lime sorbet with Vodka a day ahead.

You don’t want to taste it at 4 am in the morning just before the lunch!

Make sure you take all the pictures you need, so

....you don’t have to ask your guests for pictures or cook the recipe again the day after the lunch.

Baked aubergine 5_1_1


Taste everything during the preparation of the lunch, you might find out too late that you forgot to season the aubergine with the arugula salad…

Make sure there are no dogs around while you take pictures of the food!

‘My Guardian Chef has told me so!’


...but...... I am still up for my next challenge!



Any Michelin Star Chefs want to join me for lunch?


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