Microwave Oven

Panasonic NN-CT562MBPQ Combination Microwave Oven, Silver/Grey
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I recommend Panasonic because I bought it 10 years ago and after 3 house moves, it still works as if it was new. For me, this is a sign of good quality. This is how I use my Panasonic combo (Microwave+oven+grill) :
  1. It is an excellent replacement for a steamer. I steam all my vegetables in less than 5 minutes
  2. I like the combo because it is very handy to have an extra oven when you have large dinner parties, and because I discovered several shortcuts I cannot do without it. Potatoes are fantastic when cooked in the microwave and combined with the oven-grill you can make complicated recipes with no effort, for example, the Gratin Dauphinoise.
  3. I just discovered last year that you can make soft meringues in the Microwave without any mess. The same Meringues you use in the Isle Flottan, my son Francesco’s favourite dessert. I can make it any time he wants, with no effort.

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