Mingling with the Michelin Star Chefs on the French Riviera

If you want to mingle with the Michelin Star Chefs of the region and beyond, well, this is the place to be !

les etoiles de mougins 2015_1_1

Les Etoiles de Mougins is one of the most prestigious annual gourmet events on the Cote d’Azur.

Here you will read about Les Etoiles de Mougins 2015


Les Etoiles de Mougins 2017: 23rd to the 25th of June

Don't miss it !

The Medieval Village of Mougins is transformed into a Gourmet fest with product stands, and theaters where you can find the most amazing food and watch how the Michelin Star Chefs prepare their heavenly dishes.

It is such a big event that navette-busses are organized to bring visitors to the village from the surrounding car parks; the entire area is transformed into one big feast!

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les etoiles de mougins 2015 1_2_1


There are so many events that it is difficult to choose.


So I decided to focus on fish dishes, and attended the following demonstrations:

Marcel Ravin 9_5_1

Marcel Ravin
Blue Bay ; Monte Carlo Bay, Monaco

Marcel cooked: Gamberoni Ramen with green papaya

Marcel Ravin 4_2_1

Philippe Mille - Ronan Kervarrec 4_4_1

Philippe Mille: Les Crayeres, Reims
Ronan Kervarrec: Le Chevre d’Or, Eze

Philippe and Ronan cooked: Gnocchi of San Remo Bay Gamberoni with combawa and samphire grass (also called Sea Beans, Salicornia).

Fish stock with Champagne, Raw Mini Vegetables, Sweet and Sour Caramelized Prune.

Philippe Mille - Ronan Kervarrec 13_2_1

Arnaud Tabarec 4_3_1

Arnaud Tabarec
Sea Sens Cannes

Arnaud cooked: Blue Lobster smoked with Bio Hay, seasoned with “Tomatoes and Ginger”, vegetables refreshed with combawa zest.

Arnaud Tabarec 7_4_1

Pork Belo Horizonte Bresil_7_1

Pork ribs with polenta di biju and Ora pro nobis

Michelin Star Chefs: Leonardo Paixao - Fred Trindade - Rodolfo Mayer - Ivo Faria

Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Fred Trinitade - Chicken 3_3_1Chicken, okra and pequi

Leonardo Paixao - Fred Trinitade - Rodolfo Mayer - Ivo Faria_6_1

La Cambusa_1_1

An interesting highlight of the festival for me was La Cambuse theater, where I tasted delicious Italian and French products: prosciutto, cheese, bresaola and a fantastic bread with fig and hazelnuts from Piemonte.

La Cambuse imports specialty food from Italy. Based in Golfe-Juan, they deliver directly to restaurants, shops, private chefs and households all over France.


I also had the chance to meet 'Coco de Nice' a local French food Blogger. She has been Blogging for 4 years and has fantastic recipes:

On the last day, I saw Christophe Dufau giving a cooking class where he was dusting his famous seasoning made of herbs' ashes over a composition of aubergine and fig.

With Halloween coming up, I could not miss this opportunity to find out more about these Herbs Ashes, so I booked an appointment to visit him at his restaurant Les Bacchanales.

I will keep you posted!

Christophe Dufau  3_1_1

Thanks to the organizers of Les Etoiles de Mougins, all the sponsors, the volunteers, the Chefs and the Village of Mougins.

So what did I learn from the Michelin Star Chefs?

Each one gave some insightful hints.

Mostly I discovered many new ingredients, such as the Gold Beetroot, the Combawa, and the Brazilian Polenta di Biju, Pequi and Ora Pro Nobis.

I know that the Brazilian ingredients will be difficult to find, however I have already found and cooked the Gold Beetroot.

I have now started my quest for the Combawa, and if you find it before me, please let me know!


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Mingling with the Michelin Star Chefs on the French Riviera


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