My Baking Tools And Utensils

A list of my baking tools and utensils I use on a daily basis in my kitchen. For each item, you will find the recipes I use them for.

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Baking tin with the removable base

Here is a selection of tins I use, each one for different recipes:

Here is my short pastry I use in any tart

Mini Moulds

They are very practicals for buffets, picnics or children parties, I make so many fun dishes:

Pots and pans

Creams and custards should be cooked in Bain Marie, not on direct fire. I like to use a stainless steel round pan so the heat is better distributed and there are no corners where the cream gets stuck in the pan.

For the caramel, I also use a regular stainless steel pan, since you cannot stir the caramel is important that the heat is evenly distributed.


Other Useful Items

Digital Kitchen Thermometer:

To have the meat always cooked at perfection, and to check the temperature of the caramel to achieve the right consistency

Kitchen Craft Egg Separator:

It takes out all the stress of separating egg yolks from the white without breaking it. Very useful especially if you have to separate more than 2 eggs.

Cotton Thermo Standard Pastry Bag

It is a large bag with a good grip, you can buy as many pipes as you want. As I do not do many complex decorations, I only have two small standard icing nozzles

Tupperware pastry mat

Keeps the mess contained and geometric patterns to roll the pastry at the right dimensions needed

Spoons, spatulas, and whisk

I always make sure any tools have a good grip because if you need to stir for a long time your hand should hold the spatula in a comfortable way:


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