In Nice, Carnival is going on a date with St Valentine

Deeply rooted in Nice’s traditions, Nice Carnival has been celebrated since medieval time.

Nice market Carneval 2_1_1The 14th of February is known as St Valentine day, but this year it overlaps with Carnival.

So how is Nice preparing for the 2 events? Is Carnival going on a date with St Valentine?


I went to find out!

Carnival preparations have definitely started, and seats for the spectators are already set up along the seafront at ‘Promenade des Anglais’.

I headed to the old city of Nice to explore what type of food they were selling, and off course I started with the market.

As is is not a market day the stands are few and local:

Seasonal fruits

Local Chevre from Moulinet, in the Valley of Bévéra North of Menton.

Nice market cheese 1_2_1

Colourful sugar and salt from Lou Pantai.


No Carnival food to be seen at the market...

I leave the market and walk through the small little streets of the old town.

The first signs of St Valentine start to appear:

Nice market Chocolate 3_2_1

My first stop is LAC Chocolatier:

I ask: “Are you doing anything special for St Valentine, or Carnival?”

As a chocolaterie their focus is on St Valentine and on the day they will be making the same delicious cakes, but heart shaped.

I start searching for a bakery and on my way I found Lou Froumai: Le fromage.

It was impossible for me to resist, I had to go in:

Brie, Camembert, Tomme, my favourite Comte, all sorts of Chevre, Beousee Fraiche, Roquefort.

I was in heaven!

But after all this cheese, a bakery was becoming a necessity.

I finally found an organic bakery full of specialities:

Le Four a Bois, which sells also gluten free bread

Their specialities are:

An unusual twisted bread, grissini and flavoured fougassettes.

Here I also found some of the typical Nicoise specialities:

Sweet and salty Blettes tarts, Feuillette Saucisse and the famous Pissaladiere.

I love the Pissaladiere, practically a pizza topped with Nicoise typical flavours: onions, olives, anchovies and Provencal herbs.

I never made it myself but I am relying on my friend co-Blogger Coco de Nice for the recipe:

La Pissaladiere de Nice

Her site is in French but plenty of pictures and very easy to follow.

Finally I found the Bugnes de Carvaval, the Nicoise Carnival speciality.

They are delicious sugar doughnuts flavoured with either orange or lemon zest.

For those of you who are brave, I found the recipe on Coco de Nice’s website and you are welcome to try.

Bugnes nicoises la fleur d'oranger


Continuing on my walk I found myself projected into a fairy tale: a colourful candy shop that reminded me of the witch’s house from Hansel and Gretel.

L’Art Gourmant: chocolates, Macarons, Madaleines, Marrons Glaces, glazed fruits, fruit gelee, caramels.

A child’s delight!

I asked them: “Are you doing anything special for St Valentine, or Carnival?”

They will not make anything special just arrange their specialities in a festive way.

And it was the same for Maison Auer, an iconic Nicoise Patissery since 1820.

All these products are so nice and colourful, they are perfect for any festive occasion.

Carnival, St Valentine, Chinese New Year, adjust the theme and go:


Nice is always ready for a good party!

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  1. Livia
    7th February 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Bell’articolo Laura, mi ha incuriosito molto la tua passeggiata fra le vetrine.! E ovviamente non avevo ancora realizzato che s Valentino e carnevale sono la stessa settimana!

  2. 10th February 2016 at 5:22 am

    Merci beaucoup Laura
    Thank you

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