Other Useful Kitchen Items

A list of my favorite useful kitchen items I use on a daily basis in my kitchen. Not only they are useful but also well designed.

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Joseph Joseph Index Advance Chopping Board Set:

it is very hygienic not to use the same cutting board for raw meat and fish, fresh vegetables and cooked food. A ‘must have’ in every kitchen.

Digital Kitchen Thermometer:

To have the meat always cooked at perfection, and to check the temperature of the caramel to achieve the right consistency

Egg slicer:

once the egg is hard you can slice it easily with this tool

Kitchen Craft Egg Separator:

It takes out all the stress of separating egg yolks from the white without breaking it. Very useful especially if you have to separate more than 2 eggs.

Lemon Squeezers:

In an attractive box (2 per box) for squeezing lemon juice without getting juice on your hands, squirts in the eye or on your clothes, or pips on your food.

Lemon Juicer and Pourer:

very practical, fun and easy to use

HIC Ceramic Ramekin set of 6:

essentials when you make small desserts portions

Pan for Crepes:

large with low borders so it is easier to flip the crepes with a spatula

OXO Silicon Blasting Brush:

not only it has a good grip, it is high heats resistant and the brush is design to hold more juices

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