Homemade Buffet

Freshly made, delivered to your door, and you can say you made it.

Minimum order of € 300, which must be reserved at least 1 week prior the event. Cancellations will only be refunded 2 weeks prior the event.


Everything is made with fresh local produce, the meat is bought from my local butcher, and the fish from a trusted fish monger. I select each product for their freshness and origin. I prefer to use what is in season as it tastes better and is local.

As my cuisine is very diverse, I often use international products such as Japanese, Italian or Spanish. Where Possible, I try to avoid mass market distribution and find ways to buy my products directly from the source.

For example, I use virgin olive oil which I buy directly from an Italian producer I personally know and trust; always from the current vintage.

If you would like further information on where I buy my food, which products I use and how I select them, you will find it on: Handpicked

If you would like to know what my guests enjoyed go to My Guest Book

Pay 50% now and the remaining 50% on delivery using coupon: 50BB