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Aubergine caviar

Aubergine Caviar

Aubergine caviar may sound sophisticated, however it is very simple to make. It is baked aubergine with plenty of garlic, thyme and olive oil. I have found many versions of this recipe with many more ingredients, but I prefer the simplicity of this version. I like to serve it as a dip for bruschetta, and if I have some leftover,… Read more →

Pissaladiere Nicoise

Pissaladiere is a typical nicoises dish, sold in many bakeries as a starter or snack. Made of typical Mediterranean ingredients such as onion, anchovies and olives. I made the Pissaladiere in small bite sizes as canapés for 100 guests at Saint Paul de Vence “Mayor’s Wishes for 2017” speech. They were easy to pick without getting your hands messy with… Read more →

entertain French Riviera

4 Easy Ways to Entertain When Staying in the French Riviera

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas these are busy periods for many, with family and friends getting together, it is time to entertain. Hosting a party at home can be overwhelming: preparing the food, organizing the house and welcoming your guests. Last year, I was busy organizing my first “Lunch with LT”: a lunch I organized for 2 Michelin Star Chefs. I took… Read more →

If You Cannot Stock Up on Petrol, Stock Up Your Pantry

Save the fuel ! https://t.co/1i9r3ilH5J — Laura Tobin (@lauratobin) May 24, 2016 This is a busy period of the year here on the French Riviera: Cannes Film Festival, ‘Cold Play’ Concert, Monaco Grand Prix ……. and maybe, like me, you are stuck in traffic because of the national public transport strike or queuing at gas stations because of the strike… Read more →

Chicken Pie

Yum It is a complete meal that will satisfy all palates, children as well as adults. It can be made hours ahead and served at dinner parties. See recipes for the homemade bechamel and short pastry. Calories per serving 405; Time to prepare 45 minutes; Intermediate Storage Recommendations Not suitable for the freezer. Can be prepared 4 hours ahead For… Read more →

grilled ratatouille

Grilled Vegetables

Storage Recommendations Not suitable for the freezer. Keep for 3 days max.   For instructions on recipes template see post: Food Madness: Digital & Apps Featured in the following posts: 7 Vegetarian Side-dishes for a Stress-free Party Potato Salad Mayonnaise Tabbouleh Roasted Peppers with Garlic and Basil Brown Rice with Apples and Carrots Greek Salad Print Recipe Grilled vegetables Yum… Read more →