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Chickpeas Tuna Salad

An easy salad to make with ingredients you can store in your pantry for weeks. Even if you don’t have any greens to add, the salad is already a complete meal: vegetables, proteins, carbs and fibres. Perfect backup meal when you don’t have anything left in the fridge. Calories per serving 545; Time to prepare 5 minutes; Easy Storage Recommendations… Read more →

Chicken Pie

Yum It is a complete meal that will satisfy all palates, children as well as adults. It can be made hours ahead and served at dinner parties. See recipes for the homemade bechamel and short pastry. Calories per serving 405; Time to prepare 45 minutes; Intermediate Storage Recommendations Not suitable for the freezer. Can be prepared 4 hours ahead For… Read more →

Homemade Chicken Soup

Yum A homemade chicken soup can warm up any cold winter evening. If you have frozen chicken stock, you can prepare it in no time.   Calories per serving 472 (290 Cal without Pastina); Time to prepare 15 minutes; Easy   Storage Recommendations Not suitable for the freezer. Serve immediately   For instructions on recipes template see post: Food Madness:… Read more →

Chicken Nuggets

Yum These chicken nuggets are delicious and don’t need any special side dish to complement them. The basil, garlic and parmesan in the breadcrumbs enrich the flavour of the nuggets perfectly. They can be served with just a salad, and I can guarantee will satisfy everyone’s appetite.   Calories per serving 759; Time to prepare 30 minutes; Easy.   Storage… Read more →