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huey dewey and louie

Cooking for Huey Dewey and Louie

We all grew up watching American cartoons, and every time there was a celebration Donald Duck would cook muffins, pancakes, and brownies for his nephews, Huey Dewey and Louie. Manuale di Nonna Papera   They were everybody’s favourites and were always devoured with avidity and joy by all cartoons: Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Duffy Duck, Bugs Bunny….Walt Disney as well as… Read more →

american chocolate brownies

Classic American Brownies

These brownies are devilishly delicious, and unhealthy. They are so chocolaty, gooey and there is so much butter in them. So don’t indulge, if you can resist them! Related articles Cooking for Huey Dewey and Louie American Homemade Pancakes Toasted Butter Wild Berry Muffins For instructions about the recipes template, see post: Food Madness: Digital & Apps For measurement conversions,… Read more →

Toasted Butter Wild Berry Muffins

Toasted Butter Wild Berry Muffins

Those toasted butter wild berry muffins are moist inside with a crunchy crust, and have a nice toasted butter taste sharpened by the fruits’ acidity. Toasted Butter (in french called beurre noisette) To toast the butter you need to clarify it first, which mean spooning away all the white components of the melted butter. They are organic components and burn at… Read more →

Homemade Chicken Soup

Yum A homemade chicken soup can warm up any cold winter evening. If you have frozen chicken stock, you can prepare it in no time.   Calories per serving 472 (290 Cal without Pastina); Time to prepare 15 minutes; Easy   Storage Recommendations Not suitable for the freezer. Serve immediately   For instructions on recipes template see post: Food Madness:… Read more →

Chicken Nuggets

Yum These chicken nuggets are delicious and don’t need any special side dish to complement them. The basil, garlic and parmesan in the breadcrumbs enrich the flavour of the nuggets perfectly. They can be served with just a salad, and I can guarantee will satisfy everyone’s appetite.   Calories per serving 759; Time to prepare 30 minutes; Easy.   Storage… Read more →

Pizza with Nutella

It is like bread filled with Nutella, and when it comes out of the oven warm and fragrant, it can’t help but be mouth watering!   This recipe uses the Kenwood bread machine.If you don’t have a bread machine see: How to make the Pizza dough without a bread machine. Calories per serving 327; Time to prepare 20 minutes; Easy… Read more →

Halloween pizza with nutella

Halloween Food Ideas: The Spooky, The Healthy, and The Evil !!

One more week to go—We need to get ideas for Halloween food! Especially if you have children, because it’s always nice to get into the festive spirit.   So here are 3 ideas:   The Spooky, The Healthy, and The Evil!! The Spooky: Pasta with Black Squid Ink The Healthy: Jerusalem Artichoke Minestrone with Spinach The Evil: Pizza with Nutella Read more →



Calories per serving 604; Time to prepare 30 minutes; Easy For the Bolognese Sauce and the Homemade Béchamel sauce see Recipe below. Storage RecommendationsSuitable for the freezer.Keep for 3 days max For instructions on recipes template see post: Food Madness: Digital & Apps Featured in the following posts: Healthy Dinners for Kids Easy Homemade Bolognese Easy Homemade Lasagna Easy Homemade… Read more →