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Neapolitan Fried dough pizza recipe

Neapolitan Fried Dough Pizza Recipe

Fried dough pizza recipe is a traditional dish originating from the Neapolitan street food after War world 2.  This plate is simple to make and easy to present at parties as it can be warmed up just before serving. This recipe was presented by Eliana de Matteis during her cooking class at the Mediathec Pole Culturel Auguste Escoffier, Villeneuve Loubet… Read more →

Pizza with Nutella

It is like bread filled with Nutella, and when it comes out of the oven warm and fragrant, it can’t help but be mouth watering!   This recipe uses the Kenwood bread machine.If you don’t have a bread machine see: How to make the Pizza dough without a bread machine. Calories per serving 327; Time to prepare 20 minutes; Easy… Read more →

Halloween pizza with nutella

Halloween Food Ideas: The Spooky, The Healthy, and The Evil !!

One more week to go—We need to get ideas for Halloween food! Especially if you have children, because it’s always nice to get into the festive spirit.   So here are 3 ideas:   The Spooky, The Healthy, and The Evil!! The Spooky: Pasta with Black Squid Ink The Healthy: Jerusalem Artichoke Minestrone with Spinach The Evil: Pizza with Nutella Read more →

Healthy Dinners for Kids

Pizza, Tagliatelle alla Bolognese and Lasagna! These 3 recipes are definitely children’s favourites, but when commercially prepared they can be full of fat, preservatives and additives . Instead, if homemade they can be very healthy dinners for kids, as they are full of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. If you are discouraged by the preparation time, don’t be. I make them… Read more →