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List of pizza toppings with vegetables

A List Of Pizza Toppings With Fresh Vegetables

I created this list of pizza toppings to celebrate Mediterranean vegetables, using for each pizza a typical regional cheese to enhances each produce and its flavour. To make pizza I use the traditional Italian Pizza dough recipe. Pizza is a fun dish to write about, originated from Naples, it has traveled the world with the Italian emigrants. Everybody love pizza, besides my… Read more →

Traditional Italian White Pizza With Stracchino and Pesto

Traditional Italian White Pizza With Pesto

White pizza is a pizza without tomato sauce, my favourite originates just around the corner in the Italian Riviera: Pizza with Stracchino and Pesto. To make pizza I use the traditional Italian Pizza dough recipe. Jump to Recipe There are many types of white pizza, usually topped with ingredients whose taste would be overpowered by the tomato sauce.  I like white pizza, as generally,… Read more →

The evil pizza with nutella

The Evil: Pizza with Nutella

What is evil about Pizza with Nutella ? It’s devilishly good, hard to resist, and it goes straight to your waistline. It is like bread filled with Nutella, and when it comes out of the oven warm and fragrant, it can’t help but be mouth watering! But wait—it’s for the children’s Halloween party!!     Jump to recipe Here I’ve… Read more →

Healthy dinners for kids Tagliatelle alla bolognese

Healthy Dinners for Kids

When homemade those Italian classics can become daily healthy dinners for kids: Pizza, Tagliatelle alla Bolognese and Lasagna! These 3 recipes are definitely children’s favourites, but when commercially prepared they can be full of fat, preservatives and additives . Instead, if homemade they can be very healthy dinners for kids, as they are full of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. If… Read more →