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Fried rice balls

Rice Balls Recipe

Fried rice balls is a simple but delicious recipe, especially if you have children coming to visit. It is a simple version of the traditional Italian Arancini. Jump to Recipe You can also make them when you have risotto left over. They are suitable for gluten free and vegetarian diets. It was my Aunt Clementina’s specialty once she hit her… Read more →

Pilaf rice recipe

Pilaf Rice Recipe

Pilaf rice is the perfect side dish to substitute risotto at a dinner party, suitable for gluten free and vegetarian diets. It works like magic. If you use this proportion of rice to stock, at the correct oven temperature and timing, you will get it perfect every time. Jump to Recipe 300 gr of rice, 500 lt of stock and… Read more →

The Perfect Whatever Risotto Recipe

The Perfect Whatever Risotto Recipe

This risotto recipe is completely versatile, once you master this technique you can make any risotto you like. Jump to Recipe Risotto, like pasta, can be mixed with so many different ingredients. Creativity can flow freely and adapt to each season and country. It is important to follow the basic guidelines on how to make a perfect Italian Risotto. However,… Read more →