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Gratin Dauphinoise

Easy Gratin Dauphinoise Recipe

Gratin dauphinoise is my favorite French comfort food, creamy potatoes topped with grilled gruyère cheese.  To save time, I make it in the microwave. You can prepare it earlier and grill it just before serving it. (if you want to know what my favourite kitchen appliances are, go to my amazon shop and read my reviews) Time to prepare 30… Read more →

Meringue with Chestnut Mousse

Yum To make a thick crunchy meringue that doesn’t stick to your teeth I have a secret: “wine vinegar and corn flour” This is my version of Mont Blanc with Chestnut Mousse! Calories per serving 179; Time to prepare 1hr 15 minutes; Medium Storage Recommendations Store in the freezer In the freezer it will keep for 1 month For instructions… Read more →