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Gratin Dauphinoise pork stew

Easy Gratin Dauphinoise Recipe

Gratin dauphinoise is my favorite French comfort food, creamy potatoes topped with grilled gruyère cheese. To save time, I make it in the microwave. Jump to Recipe (if you are interested in my favourite kitchen appliances, you can find my reviews here in my amazon shop). You can prepare the dish earlier and grill it just before serving it. I serve… Read more →

Winter Dessert

4 Winter Dessert Recipes to have on a cold day

My favourite winter dessert recipes. I was reorganizing the Recipes page the other day and realized that I don’t have too many desserts on my Blog. I therefore decided to dedicate this week’s post to my favourite winter dessert recipes. We have been very good last week with the boiled chicken, so now deserve some treats, especially if at home… Read more →