The Best Supermarkets on the Italian and French Riviera

Looking for quality/value? Here are some of the best supermarkets on the French and Italian Rivera, including my 2 favourite online stores for Asian and British delicacies and ingredients!

Best Supermarkets in the French and the Italian RivieraThe South of France is full of charming farmers’ markets selling fresh local products beautifully arranged in their stalls. Now look closely at the prices: you might have been caught in a Tourist Trap.

Where do I buy my food? At the Best Supermarkets!

So while I buy my fresh vegetables locally (see article The Time-saving Vegetables Rule, and if you are looking for organic vegetables check the article From Farm to Table),

I take weekly or monthly trips to my favorites Best Supermarkets to stuck up my fridge and pantry.

Here is the list of my top choices listed, with +plus and -minus:







# 1 Carrefour Antibes,
Chemin de Saint Claude,
06600 Antibes

+ Plus

  • Excellent combination of quality, variety and price.
  • You can find anything at the best quality/value for money.
  • The fish counter is fantastic and has the lowest prices in the region.
  • Close to the Auto-route exit.

- Minus

  • It is always crowded.
  • You can easily waste an entire day shopping, it is immense.

# 2 Carrefour Nice Lingostière,
Centre commercial de Lingostière
RD 6202 - Route de Digne,
06200 Nice

+ Plus

  • Same positives as Carrefour Antibes, but not at the same up market level.
    Probably the sophisticated clientele in Antibes keeps the standard very high.

- Minus

  • It is always crowded, probably even more than Antibes

# 3 Italian Wholesaler in Ventimiglia: Catering

It is a wholesaler, however private individuals can also make purchases by signing up and purchasing a € 2.5 card to enter.

They have fantastic prices and supplies.

+ Plus

  • Excelent prices
  • Plenty of products

- Minus

  • Need to buy in bulk
  • It is far away

# 4 Géant Casino
Route du Bord de Mer,
06270 Villeneuve Loubet

+ Plus

  • Depending on where you live, it is the closest fresh fish counter you can trust, second to Carrefour only for prices.
  • Large selection of products.
  • Very handy if you plan a last minute picnic at the beach in Villeneuf Loubet Plage.


  • It can be crowded especially in the summer.

# 5 Carrefour Monaco,
Avenue Albert II
Centre Commercial Fontvieille
98000 Monaco

+ Plus

  • Good Carrefour quality and high standards as in Antibes, and during the winter months the Monaco population reduces dramatically.
  • Worth stopping for food shopping if you are in Monaco.
  • Very good wine selection and fresh seafood.

- Minus

  • Prices can be higher due to the Monaco location

Corso Nizza 9
18039 Latte Ventimiglia,

+ Plus

  • If you are in the area it is definitely a must, always open from 7am to 9pm, even on Sundays.
  • You cannot go wrong. Fantastic Italian products at amazing prices compared to French supermarkets.

- Minus

  • No matter when you go, it is always crowded!!

The Best Supermarkets on the Internet

There are several Asian supermarkets on the French Riviera, however they sell a lot of prepared food, while I am looking more for traditional ingredients.
As an italian I wouldn't buy prepared Italian sauces, therefore I apply the same principle to Asian cuisine.

So for Asian/Japonese ingredients I always buy them online at the ‘Japan Centre’ (affiliate link) and have it delivered to my door.

You can find all type of ingredients at a fraction of the costs compared to France.

They have deliveries in the UK, France, Italy and off course Japan and China.

Not only is it convenient, but also more economical!


As I lived many years in London and my husband is Irish, we are often looking for some British food we cannot find locally.

So we shop online at the British Corner Shop (BCS) which is the British Expat shop that delivers over 8,000 food items worldwide. Ideal for expatriates or anyone that misses specific British food products abroad.

(affiliate link)


This is my list, and I am always looking for new places.

Do you have a favourite store? Why don't you share it in a comment below?  

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  1. Helen
    22nd December 2017 at 11:42 am

    I am going to invite myself to go shopping with you when I am next in France!

    • Laura
      22nd December 2017 at 11:52 am

      Well, you are very welcome and we might need a minivan !! LOL

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