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« Un gramme d’exemple vaut une tonne de discours. »

The purpose of this blog is to inspire families to prepare tasty, varied and natural foods cooked at home, even on the busiest of days.

Your Guardian Chef would like to persuade you that cooking meals from scratch is not difficult, it is only a matter of habit, and requires a little effort but offers multiple rewards.

We aim to demystify home cooking, whether for family meals or for entertaining, always proposing stylish and delicious food.

How we do that?

Every week a new post about..

Gourmet in the French Riviera

Based in the Cote d’Azur – Monaco and just a few kilometres from the Italian frontier, Your Guardian Chef will bring the latest trends and styles in gourmet and home-dining.

Primarily featuring Italian and French cuisine using local products, the international flare of the region will ensure a diverse gastronomic range.

Paella 29_1_1

Entertaining and daily meals

Taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate and its products, you will find plenty of tips on indoor and outdoor cooking activities, such as:

  • Entertaining: buffet and dinner parties for adults and kids
  • Daily meal preparation: ideas and tips
  • Outdoor cooking: BBQ - Gas vs. Charcoal, Paella...
  • Kitchen gardening - how to grow herbs and vegetables

Curiosity and Useful Topics

In this era of globalization we are continuously discovering new tastes and ingredients, we try them, we love them, but when we want to cook them many questions and challenges arise.

Your Guardian Chef will attempt to fill some of these gaps, to help gourmet explorers to better navigate through unfamiliar recipes.

From special names translated into different languages, explanation and use of new ingredients, different techniques and history behind traditions, you will find many interesting facts.


Handpicked Product and Producers

Tips and tricks on how to speed up your daily meals preparation without compromising quality and taste:

• Choosing the right ingredients
• Optimising use of kitchen tools and appliances
• Reduce the daily TTT (time to table) by per-planning, preparing ahead of time and how to store, multitasking and delegating to get everybody involved

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