Ventimiglia Market: Italian Vegetables and Cheeses

There is a daily pilgrimage from France to the Ventimiglia market, famous for its low prices, high quality and amazing Italian food products.

I went there with my friend blogger Patty Saveur to show you some of my favourites produce and give you some ideas how to cook them.

Ventimiglia Market: Unusual Vegetables & Italian Cheeses

In this video, I am going with my friend blogger Patty Saveur to the market in Ventimiglia. I will show you some unusual vegetables, different types of Italian cheeses and the fresh fish from Sanremo ...

Trajan's Farmers Market
The oldest farmers market in the world

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You can reach Ventimiglia by car from the French Autoroute.

I would also recommend the train as it has a beautiful ride on the coast and arrives right in the centre of Ventimiglia only 3 blocks away from the market.

You can find all the recipes mentioned on the video here below


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