6 Fake Italian Recipes On Top Of Google's Search

By Laura Tobin 28 october 2022

How the web misleads Italian food lovers

If you search the web for Italian recipes, don't expect to find the real thing. 



If you google "risotto recipe" the first recipe is from Bon Appetit, made with Japanese Sushi Rice

The truth

The best risotto is made with Carnaroli rice

Caprese salad


If you google "Caprese salad recipe" the top recipes add Balsamic vinegar

The truth

Never: Balsamic is from the North of Italy, Caprese is from the South



If you google "Bruschetta" the top recipes use french bread and balsamic vinegar

The truth

Bruschetta is made with sourdough bread, and  NO balsamic!



If you google "Panini recipe" most recipes are grilled sandwiches

The truth

Panini in Italian means dinner rolls as panini al latte, rosetta, michetta. 

Black ink pasta


If you google "pasta with black ink" the recipes call for squid ink.

The truth

"Pasta al Nero di Seppia", the ink is from cuttlefish, not squid. 



If you google "lasagna recipe" the top recipes are made with ricotta

The truth

The traditional Italian lasagna is made with bechamel sauce, not ricotta

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