Weber Barbecue

Landmann 43.5cm Kettle Charcoal Barbecue Weber Genesis E330 Smoke
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No doubt about it, a proper Barbecue with charcoal really makes the food taste much better. Paella is also much better cooked over a Charcoal Barbecue, as the ashes and the smoke of the charcoal infuse an extra flavour to the rice. We have a built-in Barbecue at the villa, but the Weber charcoal is also a good alternative. We used it in USA and liked it, which is why I recommend it.


We bought the Weber Gas Barbecue because gas outdoor grilling is very handy. While charcoal barbecue is best for flavour, sometimes you don’t have time to set it up, wait for the charcoal to warm up and all the rest. In this case the gas barbecue plays a fantastic role for its speed and practicality. In particular, when I grill vegetables I prefer to use the gas Barbecue as the flame is not too strong and I don’t risk burning them. Grilled vegetables are best if marinated for a couple of hours before serving, therefore grilling them before a dinner party improve the taste and free up your time when guests arrive. I like the large grill surface of the Weber gas Barbecue that allows you to cook a lot of vegetables at once. Another perfect use for the Weber Gas grill is to cook English Muffins. The flame can be controlled easily and by closing the top you combine the cooking of the grill with that of an oven. This combination makes the best homemade English muffins. We have the Weber Genesis which has a side burner. That is very handy as we have an electric ceramic hob which is easier to clean but cannot regulate the temperature the same way you can with a gas hob. For some recipes you really need a gas stove.


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