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Taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate and its products, you will find plenty of tips on indoor and outdoor cooking activities, such as:

• Daily meal preparation: ideas and tips
• Entertaining: buffet and dinner parties for adults and kids
• Outdoor cooking: BBQ - Gas vs. Charcoal, Paella...
• Kitchen gardening - how to grow herbs and vegetables

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My weekly evening meal planning

I am not a fan of weekly meal planning as I plan my meals based on what is fresh and looks good at the Supermarket.

Therefore I:

Don’t do: A weekly menu planner means that your shopping list is fixed by the plan and if the supermarket does not have an ingredient you need for that menu, you have to go around looking for it. I would do that for a dinner party, but I don't have time to do it on a weekly basis.

Do: Instead, I use a different methodology: "The vegetable rule", I go shopping only once a week and my weekly meal plan is based on the Vegetables I find at the supermarket.

Why? Because carbs can be stored for months, and fish, meat and cheese frozen, so I always have a good supply at home (replenished once a week). But since I like my vegetables to be fresh, I plan my meals based on the quality of the vegetables I find and buy that week.

Entertaining stress free:

I love to cook delicious dishes, even if challenging. And I love the planning, organizing and preparing for a lavish dinner party.

That is, before my guests arrive because once the party starts, I don’t want to be in the kitchen, I want to enjoy the company of our friends.

So I always plan my menu with recipes that I can prepare way ahead of time, with a minimum of involvement required on my part just before serving.

I typically only leave the meat, or fish for last minute preparation.

I try to include at least 2 to 3 courses that require resting overnight, such as sformato, or certain types of vegetable salads.

For the other courses, I plan recipes that I can cook or prepare the ingredients a day ahead of time, and assemble a few hours before the party.

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