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limoncello 3 bottles and full glasses

📋Italian Limoncello recipe

This homemade Italian limoncello recipe is how Italians end the most lavish meals: citrusy, sweet and strong. No wonder we also call it digestive. In a fancy bottle is a perfect edible gift.
Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Keyword Homemade limoncello, Italian Limoncello, Lemon liquor
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 22 minutes
Servings 4 wine bottles
Calories 1432kcal




Infuse the lemon zest

  • Peel the lemons with a potato peeler, as thin as possible. Try to take only the zest, not the pith, the white part of the lemon 
  • Cut them into small pieces so that they come out of the bottle easily when you filter the liquor
  • Insert them in a large bottle with a wide bottleneck
  • Pour the alcohol in the bottle and let the zest infuse for about 10 days
  • Shake the bottle every second day

For the syrup

  • Boil the sugar in the water for a few minutes until it is completely dissolved
  • Let it cool down completely

Making the liquor

  • After 10 days filter the alcohol and discharge the lemon zest
  • Pour the alcohol into the syrup and mix well
  • Pour it in bottles and let it rest in a dry place
  • When you want to drink it, store it in the freezer with the glasses you want to serve it in. All should be nice and cold



  • Make sure the lemons are non-treated and unwaxed.
  • Some types of lemon have a very bitter pith, try to use Amalfi or Sorrento lemons
  • When you cut the zest try not to take the pith, the white part of the lemons
  • Make sure the bottle has a large bottleneck otherwise it will be difficult to remove the lemon zest from the bottle
  • In Italy, you can find 95% alcohol for liquors, but since it is difficult to find outside Italy you can use Vodka
  • Serve the Limoncello cold in cold glasses
  • Bottle the Limoncello in fancy bottles to make edible gifts, your friends will love it


Calories: 1432kcal | Carbohydrates: 226g | Sodium: 23mg | Sugar: 226g | Vitamin C: 1.7mg | Calcium: 11mg | Iron: 0.1mg