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Tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes in jars

📋Tomato Sauce Recipe With Fresh Tomatoes

Italian tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes is usually very simple, I only add some basil and preserve it in glass jars for the winter. I can add the seasoning after depending on the recipe I want to make. However, I never add a lot of flavours, I like a simple tomato sauce recipe, flavoured with garlic and basil leaves.
Course Canned & Jam
Cuisine Italian
Keyword canned tomato sauce, fresh tomato sauce, tomato sauce
Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
resting 1 day
Servings 18 jars (32 oz - 1 l)
Calories 1797kcal



Boiling the tomatoes

  • Buy a crate of matured long tomatoes.
    66 lbs fresh long tomatoes
  • Washed them thoroughly in cold water.
  • Cut them in half removing the green and any damaged parts
  • Cover, and let it boil until the tomatoes become soft

Grinding the tomatoes

  • Drain the water
  • Grind the tomatoes through the grinder
  • The skins and the seeds will be removed automatically...but it can be messy!
  • Reprocess the skins twice as there is still a lot of pulp in the skins
  • When all the pulp is gone, the skins will look dry

Preparing the sauce and filling the jars

  • Prepare the jars by sterilizing them. I just wash them in the dishwasher at high temperature and use new silicon sealers
  • In the meantime boil the tomato sauce for 1 hour
  • Put a basil leaf in each jar and fill it with the sauce
    40 fresh basil leaves
  • Seal it tight

Sterilizing the jars

  • Once the jars are filled and sealed, place them in a large pan
  • Put some tea towels or dishcloths around them so that they do not bang against each other
  • Fill the pan with water until the jars are covered and boil the jars for 1 hour
  • Leave the jars in the water and let them cool down until the next day
  • The next day, remove them from the pan and store in the cupboard. They will last the entire winter



  • Use long tomatoes, San Marzano are the best if you can find them
  • Make it a yearly event and invite friends and family to help
  • There is no skin in the tomato sauce but you don't necessarily have to peel them as there are grinder machines that will do that for you.
  • If you don't have a grinder you can peel the tomatoes by immersing them in hot water for 5 minutes. The skin will then come out very easily.
  • Remove the green or any damaged part of the tomatoes before pre-boiling them.
  • Drain the pre-boiled tomatoes before grinding them otherwise, the sauce will be too watery.
  • When you grind them, make sure no skin falls back into the pan with the sauce.
  • Re-process the discharged skin at least twice, there is still plenty of tomato pulp to be recovered.
  • To can the tomato sauce follow exactly all the procedures to make sure the jars are sealed, properly sterilized and a vacuum created inside the jar to preserve the sauce.
  • You need to sterilize the glass jars before using them. The easiest way is to wash them in the dishwasher at a high temperature. Otherwise, you can just boil them
  • While you can reuse the glass jars, every year you should buy new silicon sealers.
  • Make sure the water in the barrel completely covers the jars
  • Put a weight to prevent the jars from floating
  • Once you boil the jars filled with tomato sauce, it is very important you leave the jars in the water to cool down, that is when the vacuum that preserves the sauce forms inside the jars.
  • Once the jar is open, it is recommended to use the sauce within a few days and store it in the fridge.
  • Use jars of different dimensions so if you need only a small amount of sauce you can open the small jars.
  • Always remember to label the jars with the date and the content.


Calories: 1797kcal | Carbohydrates: 388g | Protein: 88g | Fat: 20g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Sodium: 499mg | Potassium: 23650mg | Fiber: 120g | Sugar: 262g | Vitamin A: 83336IU | Vitamin C: 1367mg | Calcium: 998mg | Iron: 27mg