9 Gnocchi Recipes

Gnocchi are small, soft dumplings but potato is not always the main ingredient

Potato Gnocchi (No Egg)

Chunky and Firm Gnocchi

They can be mixed with a stronger sauce like a ragu and served as a main dish.

Light and Fluffy Gnocchi

They are better served with a light sauce and can be more suitable as a starter or side dish.

Fluffy Gnocchi with Truffle

Combine the pillowy potato dumplings with this creamy truffle sauce, plenty of Parmesan

Not Only Potato Gnocchi (No Egg)

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

These vegan sweet potato gnocchi are a must-have for the holidays.

Vegan Chestnut Gnocchi

Perfect this time of the year when chestnuts are in season and fresh.

Vegan Purple Potatoes Gnocchi

Their color is so beautiful, they taste slightly nuttier than regular potatoes.

Gnocchi Without Potatoes

Ricotta Spinach Gnudi

Also known as Malfatti, are pillowy gnocchi made with spinach and ricotta, no potatoes.

Gnocchi alla Romana

Round patties of coarse durum wheat semolina topped with abundant cheese and baked

Parisian Gnocchi

These pillowy cheesy doughs are made with savory choux pastry mixed with gruyere cheese, no potatoes.