Desserts using egg whites

Desserts to Use Up Leftover Egg Whites

Egg whites should be at room temperature

No traces of egg yolk

Add wine vinegar and cornflour to make crunchy meringues

Egg whites can be freeze

French Meringue can be cooked in the microwave

Once cooked leave them in the oven until it cools down







Top 6 tips

To stiff peak

Mini Meringues

Mini meringues are such a delicious and pretty bite to serve either with coffee or with a digestive. 

Chestnut Pavlova

This chestnut pavlova recipe is an easy version of the French Mont Blanc, two large round meringues covered with chestnut spread and whipped cream.

Nougat Torrone

This Torrone or Nougat recipe is simple, and straightforward, and you can easily try it at home, using only natural ingredients, no corn syrup.

Mont Blanc Dessert

Mont Blanc Dessert (Monte Bianco) is a soft chestnut purée shaped like vermicelli and topped by an irregular whipped cream Chantilly to imitate the rocky mountain.

Floating Island

It consists of a foaming meringue floating in a crème anglaise (custard) sprinkled with caramel and pralines.

Italian Eggnog

To use the egg yolks