9 Homemade Italian Liqueurs

Forget about the cookie exchange

Even Santa would prefer a shot of homemade Limoncello instead 


A traditional homemade Italian Limoncello is citrusy, sweet and strong. Keep it cold in the freezer, it is the perfect way to end the most lavish meal.

Limoncello Cream

This Limoncello cream is a creamy version of Limoncello to drink on special occasions. It is perfect for a winter holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Orange Curacao

This homemade orange liqueur is very similar to limoncello, it can be served cold at the end of a meal or used in recipes or cocktails that call for orange Curacao, Triple Sec or Cointreau.

Chocolate Liqueur

This homemade chocolate liqueur is so creamy, rich and intense that regular hot chocolate will no longer have a place in your life.

Strawberry Liqueur

Strawberry liqueur, made with fresh strawberries adds color and flavor to cocktails and punches or it is simply served cold with a drop of lemon.

Green Walnut Nocino

This green walnut liqueur Nocino is the winter variant of the Limoncello. Made with unripe green walnut hulls, flavored with lemon zest, coffee, cinnamon and cloves, it is the liqueur version of a Christmas pudding.

Italian Eggnog VOV

If you like Zabaione, you will love this Italian Eggnog VOV liquor, made from scratch with fresh eggs and Marsala wine. It is creamy and luscious, the perfect drink for Christmas celebrations.

Licorice Liqueur

Licorice liqueur is one of the most effective digestives Italians have to offer. In addition, it is the simplest liqueur to make and does not need months of brewing. Make it now and offer it the next day.