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unusual fruits and vegetables Cherimoya & Chayote

Variety of Local Unusual Fruits and Vegetables to Create a Festive Spirit

A quest to find local unusual fruits and vegetables to bring something new to a festive table.Only 1 week to go until Christmas, and I still haven’t decided on the menu. To keep my workload manageable but still looking for a wow factor, I start a quest for exotic and unusual fruits and vegetables.I don’t want to look too far and get… Read more →

Simply Apple Cupcakes Recipe

Simply Apple Cupcakes Recipe

This Apple Cupcakes Recipe is simply made with plenty of apples to fully enjoy their taste: 1 kilos (2 pounds) of apples and no other spices added. Most of the apple cakes recipes use cinnamon and just enough apples to barely taste them.  This recipe is purely an apple celebration, an easy way to enjoy cooked apples on a picnic or for lunch… Read more →