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Laura Giunta Tobin

Hello and thank you for stopping by,

I am a professional woman who likes to bring healthy, balanced and diverse gourmet food to the table, even on the busiest of days.

As an Italian, cooking and eating has always been a key moment of the day.

I left Italy more than 20 years ago but I still carry this tradition in my every day meal preparation, with my Irish husband and our multi-national children.

Vietnam Halong Bay 1992

Although, having lived in different countries (six at last count!), my cuisine is very diverse and international.

I love to discover new food.

I am curious about international cooking and during my worldwide travel; I always spend time learning and understanding local traditions.

I enjoy entertaining, and our villa in Saint Paul de Vence is a fantastic venue offering “some” garden supply of fruits and vegetables, some years more than others!

I strive to please my guests, who would normally dine at Michelin starred restaurants like La Colombe d'Or and Alain Llorca. My bravest friends like to join in my cooking and I thrive to please even the pickiest of kids!

Work with me


Entrepreneurial and analytical, I love to play with numbers and keeping up with technology.
My Engineering and MBA degree gave me the opportunity to work in very stimulating and challenging industries.
I started my career as a Petroleum Engineer working on the Offshore Platforms in the North Sea.
Since 2007, I worked with my husband in an Executive Search firm based in London, while also working as a Mom, looking after my family.
Now that my children are more independent, I found the opportunity to exploit my lifelong passion for food and transformed it into a new ‘working identity’ as a food blogger!
I am bi-lingual in Italian and English, and ‘get by’ in French and Spanish. Having lived in 6 countries across two continents I thrive in a multicultural environment.
I hold a Masters in Civil Engineering from L’Universita’ La Sapienza Rome and an MBA from London Business School and a Level 2 HACCP.





Outdoor activities and entertaining
Outdoor activities and entertaining

I like to experiment and venture into healthy new recipes and this Blog is about my successful discoveries but also my unfortunate mishaps. I hope that what I write will be beneficial to gourmet lovers who don’t have time to venture into new foods but would love to discover new tastes.

Most English Food Blogs are based in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London.

The French Riviera is so rich from a culinary perspective, someone should talk about it!

So here I am!

Published work:

2016 - April - "Salvare il mare, il sogno di un bambino: Francesco Tobin"; L'Editoriale; Monaco
The story about
my son Francesco, how he developed his artistic talent and at 9 year of age used it to make a difference for the seahorse and his environment in the Larvotto Beach, Monaco.

2016 - January – ‘Lunch with LT’ in English and Italian; Italy Food Monte Carlo; Monaco
Michelin Star Chefs are coming for lunch,….but I am the one who is cooking!

2015 - December - Volunteer Contributor to ‘In the Kitchen with Stars’ by Angela Van Wright, second edition published in support of the UNAKIDS Foundation; Monaco

Featured by Press:

French Challenges:

2016 - October: ‘How to make France's 'most-loved' dish: Magret de Canard’, TheLocal.fr

2016 - August: 'How to make France's famed Île Flottante dessert'; TheLocal.fr

2016 - August : 'How to make the tastiest ratatouille'; TheLocal.fr

2016 - May: 'How to make a traditional French cassoulet'; TheLoal.fr

2015 -November - ‘Challenging the Michelin Star Chefs to come for lunch’; L'Editoriale; Monaco
Laura invites four " Chef étoilé Michelin " for lunch at her home, to prove to her readers that even a home cook can entertain and satisfy the most demanding of guests.



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