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Zucchini recipe pasta and ricotta

Zucchini Recipe Pasta And Ricotta

I made this zucchini recipe pasta and ricotta when I went to the market in Ventimiglia and found the first zucchini Trombetta of the season. Jump to Recipe The zucchini Trombetta are long and curved zucchini shaped like a trumpet and they are typical of the Italian Ligurian region. They are crunchy and have a distinctive flavour and if you… Read more →

Puntarelle alla Romana

Puntarelle alla Romana With Anchovies And Garlic

Puntarelle alla Romana is a classic Roman dish, Puntarelle are the shoots of the chicory cut very thin and seasoned with garlic and anchovies paste.  Jump to Recipe Puntarelle are not easy to find here in France but you can replace them with endives. I went to Ventimiglia market to buy them, and beside the puntarelle I found some other unusual Italian vegetables… Read more →

Blini Russian Pancake with Salmon

Blinis Russian Pancakes With Smoked Salmon

Next Tuesday is Pancake day, and instead of preparing pancakes with Maple Syrup, I am making Russian Pancakes with smoked salmon and homemade aioli, a mayonnaise flavoured with garlic. Jump to Recipe Russian pancakes are called Blinis and here in France you can find them already made at the Supermarkets in the seafood section. They are slightly thicker than pancakes and… Read more →