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Neapolitan Fried pizza recipe

Neapolitan Fried Pizza Recipe

Fried pizza recipe is a traditional dish originating from the Neapolitan street food after War world 2.  This plate is simple to make and easy to present at parties as it can be warmed up just before serving. This recipe was presented by Eliana de Matteis during her cooking class at the Mediathec Pole Culturel Auguste Escoffier, Villeneuve Loubet Time… Read more →

Swordfish recipes roasted wheel

Swordfish Wheel

Easy to make and perfect for entertaining a large number of guests, a wheel will serve up to 8 people. This recipe is from my belated uncle Natale Zerbi who, as the oldest in the family, would often entertain all family members, more than 50 guests at times. My cousin Domenico, his son, is keeping with family traditions and offered… Read more →

Fried zucchini flowers recipe with saffron batter

Fried Zucchini Flowers Recipe

There are many versions of fried zucchini flowers recipe (also known as Blossom squash) where the flowers are coated with different types of batter. I use a simple tempura batter equal parts of water and flour. Beside salt, I add saffron. As saffron is pollen, it actually enhances their flowery flavour. Calories per flower 45; Time to prepare 30 minutes;… Read more →

Homemade porchetta Romana

Porchetta Romana Recipe

Here an easy Porchetta Romana recipe. It is usually made with a large cut of pork (almost half), wrapped in its rind and flavoured with herbs. It was cooked on a wooden fire, cut in slices and served in a crusty Panino/Rosetta. Usually sold in busy streets, markets and outside the football stadium, it was the food to have at… Read more →

Tuna Loaf with Potatoes

Tuna loaf with potatoes can be made ahead of time and is served cold. If you know you will be home late, it is nice to know dinner is in the fridge ready to be served. It is also a handy option for informal buffet parties. Calories per serving 574; Time to prepare 30 minutes; Easy Storage Recommendations Not suitable… Read more →