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Easy Ratatouille Recipe Baked

Easy Ratatouille Recipe Baked

This is an easy ratatouille recipe, quicker and healthier to make than a traditional one and you are not compromising in taste and creaminess. Jump to Recipe :  Print Recipe Recipe Video below A traditional ratatouille can be very labor intensive to make as all the vegetables should be fried separately to preserve their creamy taste. With this method, all the… Read more →

Gratin Dauphinoise pork stew

Easy Gratin Dauphinoise Recipe

Gratin dauphinoise is my favorite French comfort food, creamy potatoes topped with grilled gruyère cheese. To save time, I make it in the microwave. Jump to Recipe (if you are interested in my favourite kitchen appliances, you can find my reviews here Microwave). You can prepare the dish earlier and grill it just before serving it. I serve the Gratin… Read more →

Pilaf rice recipe

Pilaf Rice Recipe

Pilaf rice is the perfect side dish to substitute risotto at a dinner party, suitable for gluten-free and vegetarian diets. It works like magic. If you use this proportion of rice to stock, at the correct oven temperature and timing, you will get it perfect every time. Jump to Recipe :  Print Recipe 300 gr of rice, 500 lt of… Read more →

Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Most of the Anglo-Saxons will be very familiar with Yorkshire pudding, but as my Blog is meant for an international audience I will briefly explain what it is. Jump to Recipe :  Print Recipe Yorkshire puddings are practically crepes cooked in a very hot oven and because of the intense heat they pup up. That is why they are also… Read more →

Ratatouille Recipe

Ratatouille is a French classic originating from Nice. Jump to Recipe :  Print Recipe It is a stew containing summer vegetables that can be served with any meat or fish. It is very easy to make and can be flavored with either Provencal herbs or basil. Traditionally all the vegetables should be cooked separately, this is a more practical version.… Read more →

Baby Potatoes Salad with Basil

This side dish was served to Michelin Star Chefs Arnaud Tabarec and Christophe Dufau at Lunch with LT 8th of December 2015 Lessons Learned Preparing “Lunch with LT” Lunch With LT: How was it? Lunch with LT Recipes Meet my French Guests: The Michelin Star Chefs Michelin Star Chefs Coming For Lunch: Can A Home Cook Win Them Over? For… Read more →

organic zucchini garlic and provencal herbs

Organic Zucchini a la Agnes’

This recipe using organic zucchini was kindly given to me by Agnes Papone from “Lavancia Farm”. Jump to Recipe The garlic and the Provençal herbs add depth to the organic zucchini. She served them with chickpeas and they can also be served with couscous, or pasta. Find out more about organic farming here: Organic Farming: Lavancia Lavancia Organic Farm To… Read more →