How Much Is a Cup in Grams? Volume vs Weight

How Much Is a Cup in Grams? It is not an easy question to answer.

You are comparing volume with weight and therefore it depends on the ingredient you are measuring. 

It is confusing and annoying having to convert temperature, weight, volume from Imperial to Metric and vice versa.

If you like to cook recipes from all over the world, you probably have experienced the frustration of having to convert a measurement while your are kneading some sticky dough.

The last thing you want to do is to use Apps or conversion calculator where you have to type the number to obtain the equivalent in the reverse measurement system.

I have this fun table on my fridge and I just scroll my eyes on the charts and find the equivalent measurement in a flash!

These tables report only the most common measurements used in recipes, and I can look through without typing numbers and touching keyboards.

I found it more practical when my hands are busy cooking and fun to look at !

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Measurement chart conversion

My Son Francesco (10yrs) made this chart more fun 

Last Friday my 9 year old son Francesco won the Fondation Prince Albert II drawing competition with this drawing.

The objective of the competition is to raise awareness for the degradation of the seahorse’s natural habitat in the Mediterranean Sea, in particular along the Larvotto Beach in Monaco.

His drawing was very much appreciated by many on facebook, so I asked him to draw something for my readers to make this Conversion Chart more fun to read.

So he did!



Francesco Prince Albert_1_1


Here is the photo of Francesco with Prince Albert at the inauguration of the New Digue in Larvotto Beach.

If you come to Monaco you will find his name engraved on a plate.

So if you want to download this "artistic chart", print it and attach it to your fridge, sign up to the newsletter or confirm your subscription HERE BELOW:

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Otherwise, you can bookmark this page and scroll down the tables underneath.

If you are curious to see more of his drawings you can visit his Facebook page. 


Francesco Tobin 10 yrs old


Cezanne The Bathers revisited by Francesco

Cezanne The Bathers revisited by Francesco


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Measurement Charts conversions 3

Measurement Charts conversions US Cups

Measurement Charts conversions Weight 1

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