Bread Machine

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I love the tranquillity of our villa, but living away from shops and malls means that I need to use the car to go anywhere. It can be time-consuming if it is only to buy bread or croissants. So here are the 3 reasons I cannot do without my bread machine:
  1. Time saver: In a busy and/or raining day, it is faster to put some flour and yeast in the machine instead of venturing to the nearest bakery. It cannot replace the fresh baguette, but it is a good backup to have.
  2. Timer for night baking: For a special morning, if guests are in the house, it is quick to put ingredients in the bread machine the night before, put on the timer and wake-up next morning with the fragrance of a freshly baked brioche.
  3. Fresh dough: My most regular use of the bread machine is the making of fresh yeast dough which is the base for many delicious treats. You just add the ingredients as indicated on the recipes and will have your fresh dough in 1.5 hours. As it regulates the temperature, the dough comes out perfect each time. My most popular recipe is my homemade pizza, it is so easy and successful that it has become one of the most popular meals for the children’s friends, but not only!
I recommend Kenwood because it has 15 different programs and not all bread machines have the fresh dough option. Watch out for:
  1. Every time you bake the bread you will have to scoop out the kneading blade from the bottom of the loaf, but that will happen with all bread machines.
  2. Every 2 years I have to replace the pan, as the underpin holding the blade detaches from the pan. However, you can still use it and it will not leak, but you will have to fill in the ingredients with the pan already inserted into the machine, which is not always convenient.

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