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Aubergine caviar

Aubergine Caviar

Aubergine caviar may sound sophisticated, however it is very simple to make. Jump to Recipe It is baked aubergine with plenty of garlic, thyme and olive oil. I have found many versions of this recipe with many more ingredients, but I prefer the simplicity of this version. I like to serve it as a dip for bruschetta, and if I… Read more →

Red Onion Relish

Red Onion Relish

The red onion relish is a soft sweet sour&sauce, the perfect complement to Burgers, Barbecued Beef, Matured Cheese. I like to use red onion as they have a soft sweet flavour that nicely balance the white vinegar. It gently breaks the strong taste of a grilled meat or matured cheese like Pecorino, Gruyère or Comte. Jump to Recipe Featured in the… Read more →