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  1. Michele DICKSON

    I am in France, so, can you please tell me how to make a Christmas ham?

    i do miss it!!

    • Laura

      LOL, I miss it too and working on it...

  2. Betty

    Great post Laura! So many great recipes to try! Thanks for including my pork belly

    • Laura

      Thank you Betty for your contribution

  3. Brian Jones

    What a fab collection of grub and plenty of new stuff for me to experiment with, I adore cheaper cuts. I am working on a pigs ear recipe right now

    • Laura

      Thank you, yes I do too. Let me know when it is ready and I will add it on

  4. Jacqueline Debono

    I love this post. As I'm sure you know Laura here in Italy they say 'del maiale non si butta via niente'! This post has some fabulous recipes that I'd love to try! I especially want to make your cassoulet! Thanks for sharing my Italian braised ribs recipe!

    • Laura

      Thank you Jacqui, I want to try your ribs recipe. I never tried ribs in pasta so very excited to try

    • Jacqueline Debono

      And the ziti lardiati! 🙂

      • Laura


  5. Chantal Bristow

    I was looking for these. Thanks for the names in different languages. You could add crépine.caul as it is also very useful.

    • Laura

      Thank you, yes I will do. We wrapt the liver with it

  6. Paula

    Very interesting, but aren't your English names American English? Please add the British English names bc I'm confused. Here in France, most French food names are given in British English. No such thing as picnic ham here! Thanks.

    • Laura

      I know, it is very confusing, Picnic is the way the shoulder is cut. Although it is the shoulder

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