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Mid summer picnic_1_1

Ferragosto: an “English style” picnic in the heart of the Mediterranean

Waitrose is celebrating: Taste of the Med   Ferragosto is a traditional Mediterranean holiday in Italy, France and Spain, celebrating the Assumption of Mary. Typically most people are on vacation, and many prepare a picnic spending the day outdoors. Unfortunately, it is also a time of the year when it is difficult to escape the traffic and queues everywhere. To… Read more →

Roman Porchetta 43_2_1

Homemade Porchetta Romana

Rome by 9yrs Francesco Tobin from the series: Villages 2016 Life was different before the first McDonald’s opened in Rome in Piazza di Spagna. As teenagers growing up in Rome in the 70’s, we wouldn’t crave the BigMac. Our Vespa’s gatherings were organized around Porchetta Romana Food Stalls and the Grattachecca Kiosk, serving crushed ice with fresh fruits. Porchetta Romana… Read more →

Just in case supply 1_2_1_1

If You Cannot Stock Up on Petrol, Stock Up Your Pantry

Save the fuel ! — Laura Tobin (@lauratobin) May 24, 2016 This is a busy period of the year here on the French Riviera: Cannes Film Festival, ‘Cold Play’ Concert, Monaco Grand Prix ……. and maybe, like me, you are stuck in traffic because of the national public transport strike or queuing at gas stations because of the strike… Read more →

Cannes 800

Picnic Ideas: Beef Pie, Sausage Rolls and Carrot Cake

Spring has arrived! Even if the winter has been very mild here on the French Riviera, the warmth and colours of the month of April are always welcome. It is school break and to make the most of the long sunny days, many head to the beaches. ….but April weather cannot be trusted! Unfortunately many restaurants that populate the beaches… Read more →

Measurement chart Francesco

Conversion Charts for Cooking

I want to dedicate this post to the entire International Community: those who like to cook recipes from all over the world. It can be confusing to convert temperature, weight, volume from Imperial to Metric and vice versa, so I want to make your life easier. You can use Apps or converter tables where you type the number and you… Read more →

4 italian rice resipes

4 Italian Rice Recipes for Entertaining (w/vegetarian and gluten free options)

I love to serve Risotto, as it is such a complete and refined delicacy. However it requires complete attention and dedication for the entire cooking time. It is not always the ideal dish to prepare when entertaining, as I don’t want to abandon my guests while they are at the dinner table. So I had to find creative ways to… Read more →

Riso Gallo 3  bis_1_1 100

How to Make the Perfect Risotto

I love risotto, and like pasta, you can mix it with so many different ingredients that your creativity can flow freely and adapt to each season and country. It is important to follow the basic guidelines on how to make a perfect Italian Risotto. However, once you master them you are set. You can experiment with many different flavours, making… Read more →

Chiacchiere and Struffoli 10_3_1

Fried Carnival Foods: 2 Italian Traditions Chiacchiere and Struffoli

The Adas’ way! Carnival is about happiness, joy, fun …..and fried food. In Nice, I found I tried and loved the Nicoise traditional fried food: the Bugnes. But my heart and my craving remains with my childhood memories: Chiacchiere and Struffoli Chiacchiere In France, the Chiacchiere are called Oreillettes. Depending on where you are in Italy, you can find them… Read more →

Romantic seafood dinner  4

Easy Romantic Dinner Ideas with Seafood

I am not a fan of “Hallmark holidays”, those holidays created mainly for commercial purposes. St Valentine is often defined as one of these festivities. Restaurants are overbooked and flowers overpriced. My husband and I don’t really have any special attachment to this festivity. Especially since his birthday is just a few days before. But we wouldn’t miss an opportunity… Read more →

Nice market Carneval 2_1_1

In Nice, Carnival is going on a date with St Valentine

The 14th of February is known as St Valentine day, but this year it overlaps with Carnival. Deeply rooted in Nice’s traditions, Carnival has been celebrated in Nice since medieval time. So how is Nice preparing for the 2 events? Is Carnival going on a date with St Valentine?   I went to find out! Carnival preparations have definitely started,… Read more →

Sunday Roast

2 Sunday Pork Roast Recipes

As an alternative to the usual chicken, pork loin and tenderloin can transform a supper into a festive and comforting winter family meal. I love to combine pork with something sweet and these two recipes are my favourites. Perfect for a Sunday roast served with Yorkshire pudding, or roasted potatoes. To finish for dessert I would propose a delightful white… Read more →

4 winter desserts

4 Winter Dessert Recipes to have on a cold day

I was reorganizing the Recipes page the other day and realized that I don’t have too many desserts on my Blog. I therefore decided to dedicate this week’s post to my favourite winter dessert recipes. We have been very good last week with the boiled chicken, so now deserve some treats, especially if at home on a cold snowy winter’s… Read more →

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