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Zucchini recipe pasta and ricotta

Zucchini Recipe Pasta And Ricotta

I made this zucchini recipe pasta and ricotta when I went to the market in Ventimiglia and found the first zucchini Trombetta of the season. Jump to Recipe The zucchini Trombetta are long and curved zucchini shaped like a trumpet and they are typical of the Italian Ligurian region. They are crunchy and have a distinctive flavour and if you… Read more →

Light and Fluffy Italian Homemade Gnocchi

Light and Fluffy Italian Homemade Gnocchi

The traditional Italian homemade gnocchi are light, fluffy, they melt in your mouth and you can actually taste the potatoes. Very different from the ones already made which tend to have too much flour because they have to last longer on the shelf. My husband calls them lead balls. Also, some recipes use eggs, I don’t. My homemade gnocchi are… Read more →

Healthy dinners for kids Tagliatelle alla bolognese

Easy Bolognese Pasta

To make an easy “whatever” Bolognese pasta I make my sauce in the pressure cooker for speed and deeper flavour. A proper Bolognese sauce should cook for hours, while it only takes 30 minutes with a pressure pan. For more information on pressure cooker you can see my post: Pressure Cooker. If you don t have a pressure cooker, you… Read more →

Smoked Salmon Farfalle Recipe

Smoked Salmon Farfalle Recipe

This Smoked Salmon Farfalle Recipe is very easy to prepare as you can prepare everything you need beforehand, and the last minute preparations will be very quick. If you are preparing it for a dinner party, you will only have to excuse yourself for a few minutes from your guests! Jump to Recipe The pasta should always be cooked and… Read more →

Pasta Caprese salad

Pasta Caprese Salad

This Pasta Caprese salad is a quick, fresh, light and delicious lunch you can make in minutes and this is how it is made in Capri. The name already reveals the ingredients: fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil all season with an Italian extra virgin olive oil. Jump to Recipe If you have the real mozzarella and tomatoes from Naples, you… Read more →